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Al-Fanar Company

Transport, customs clearance, shipping, unloading, import & export

We are a company with more than thirty years of experience in these fields

We are working in the following fields

  • Al-Fanar Transport Company
  • Fannar Misr for Transport, Customs Clearance, Shipping, Unloading, Import and Export
  • United Group Transport Company

The activity of Al Fanar Company


Transport works with the largest iron and steel companies


We work in freight and unloading where contractors with major government companies


We work in the field of petroleum services and we are one of the companies working in the Zahr project


El Fanar Company also
work in containers


We work in the field of export where we export phosphate rock, urea and rock salt and we have large quantities of

Al Fanar Company
Company Location

  • There is a headquarters inside Damietta Port
  • We have a headquarters in Old Damietta
  • We have a headquarters inside New Damietta
  • We also have warehouses directly in front of Damietta port

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